Designing with Natives


  1. What is the property owner's top 3 goals?
  2. No

Calculated Benefits

Habitat Value
Square Feet of Lawn reduced
Habitat Quality
Added Trees needed to reduce the size of the lawns' impact on stormwater
Beauty and Sense of Place
People in contact with Nature
Healthy Lifestyle
Potential medical costs saved due to active healthy lifestyle
Value of air quality benefit
Gallons of water used
Gallons of water infiltrated
Gallons of water to stream base flow
Gallons of water to ground water
Square feet of rain garden to accommodate runoff from roof and driveway
Air Quality
Number of People supported with oxygen from trees
Pounds of CO2 absorbed
Pounds of particulate absorbed
Water Quality
Annual green infrastructure financial impact
Pounds of nutrients prevented from entering streams
Energy Savings
Dollars saved on heating and air conditioning
Property Value
Increased Property value from well landscaped yards
Increased property value from trees and shrubs in front yard

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